Expression of interest to participate as PDA-Region


Corrigendum to the Application Form

Dear applicants, please note that an updated version of the Application Guidance Form was published, which completely replaces the previous version. All applications shall dully take into consideration. In order to allow you to address any inconvenience that may derive from this, an additional period of 2 week is included in the call’s deadline. The final deadline of the call is 12th March 2020.


Updated Application Guidance Form


Please use the form below to apply for Project Development Assistance. Please note that unless stated otherwise, all fields are mandatory. The deadline for submitting an application will be midnight on the 12th March 2020, after which it will not be possible to submit an application.

More information on the application process can be found in the FAQ section of the website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note that only applications written in English and submitted via the application form below will be accepted.


Since answers on the online application cannot be saved and reviewed later, we suggest you prepare your answers with help of the template and complete the online application once you are ready to submit it.


Basic Information on the applicant

Name of the city or region(s) applying for PDA
ZIP code of the participating region
Type of region in NUTS /local Administrative Units (LAU):


Note: These units are standardised across Europe and enable the project partners to define the region in which the project will be implemented.

If you do not know to which administrative unit you belong, you can check via this link:

Further information regarding this can be found in the FAQ section under "How can I identify my administrative unit?"


Name of the country in which the city or region resides
Name(s) of the local authority/authorities sponsoring the application

Contact details of the primary contact point for the project:

Family name
Confirm Email
Phone Number


Eligibility criteria

Note: All below criteria must be confirmed for an application to be considered for PDA.

(Public authorities in the understanding of this project are defined as public individual or groupings of local authorities, municipalities, cities, provinces, regions or public bodies.).


(Applicants who have not yet defined their budget can use the major capital equipment costs provided to calculate an approximate budget for their project.)


Short answer questions


Please give details of other key local stakeholders, including:

  • Name of organisation/person
  • Email adress and phone number
  • Relation to the project



Has hydrogen technology been previously been implemented in your region? YesNo



Has the public authority previously implemented hydrogen technology in the region? YesNo

Long answer questions


Please provide details of the motivations and regional context for the project. (maximum of 7000 characters ~ 1000 words)

7000 characters left



What category does the primary hydrogen application of the project fall into? Heavy duty transport applicationLight and medium duty transport applicationMaritime applicationStationary application



Please provide details of the planned hydrogen technology deployment you would like to apply for development assistance with. Please quantify this as far as possible. (maximum of 7000 characters ~ 1000 words)

7000 characters left



Please describe the support you would require from the PDA project. (maximum of 7000 characters ~ 1000 words)

7000 characters left

Terms and conditions

Would you like to participate in the observer network? (This is not a requirement for applications.)