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We want to support ten local authorities from across the European Union to develop their concepts for regional hydrogen and fuel cell (FCH) projects into detailed work plans. These projects will accelerate the progress of hydrogen deployment in Europe by providing a blueprint to other regional hydrogen projects, as part of a drive towards carbon neutrality.

This website provided the portal for applications to the Project Development Assistance for Regions Initiative. The competition was run during Q1 2020, which led to 35 applications, with 11 regions selected for direct assistance and other invited to join the Initiative’s Observer Network. Further information about the Initiative is available on the
FCH 2 JU’s Website

or by

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12/06/2020: Project Development Assistance (PDA) kicks off with selected regions
18/05/2020: 11 European regions to benefit from the FCH JU’S Project Development Assistance (PDA) initiative
17/03/2020: High interest across European regions for FCH JU’s Project Development Assistance (PDA) call
16/01/2020: Project development assistance for regions (PDA): deadline extended!

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